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Welcome to the home of The Bitter Sound, a dark comedy podcast produced and presented by Davian Dent.

This is not your average show or podcast, not by a long stretch. How did it come about? Well, let us start at the beginning…

From an early age, our protagonst displayed a penchant for the amusing and surreal, and enjoyed listening to the early radio works of the late great Kenny Everett. This, combined with a rather unexplained interest in both punk rock music and prog rock concept albums led to him spending a lot of the mid-late 1970s recording various random bits of audio and splicing them on a set of twin cassette recorder. These early cut-ups were often overdubbed with the ad-libbing of random bits of self penned prose, often with a couple of friends joining in after school… It was here that the seeds that would develop into The Bitter Sound were sown.

The heady optimism of change from these days soon gave way to the drudgery of the spending the next two decades spiraling in a seemingly endless circle of unfulfilling jobs with computers and promising but somehow always underachieving bands. Then, towards the end of the 90s  and a healthy diet of the audio works of Chris Morris (in particular the radio series ‘Blue Jam’), Davian found himself creating the sort of cut-up & remix music that would shortly be recognised in the emerging arena of ‘mashups’ and ‘bastard pop’. Going under the name of Bitter Sound Foundation, several works were featured and lauded by a surprisingly large amount of people, most notably James Hyman and Eddy Temple-Morris from The Remix Show on London’s XFM 104.9 radio station.

The years between then and now are very much another story for another day so let us fast forward to more or less now, where thanks to the birth of podcasting, free distribution of one’s own material is now a matter of relative ease… Technology and the world has in effect finally caught up with the all the things Davian wanted to do, only without the endless tape splicing, relying on other individuals and haranguing of companies to get material distributed.

The Bitter Sound is a dark comedy… Often random, sometimes purplexing and occasionally disturbing but always warranting of immersing oneself in.