Episode 27: ‘Disco’

Episode 26: ‘Slow Drowning’

Episode 25: ‘The Very Best Of The Bitter Sound’

Episode 24: ‘Tarred and Feathered’

Episode 23: ‘This is the way, step inside…’

Episode 22: ‘Languescent Ecstasy’

Episode 21: ‘My Tramadol God’

Episode 20: ‘A Quintessence of Dust’

Episode 19: ‘The Face Of A Sick Ape’

Episode 18: ‘LSD’

Episode 17: ‘About a Boy’

Episode 16: ‘Marooned in Monkeyland’

Episode 15: ‘A Duel Of Personalities’

Episode 14: ‘Benjamin Sometimes’

Episode 13: ‘Up The Down Escalator’

Episode 12: ‘The Dark Cabaret’

Episode 11: ‘Doppler Shift’

Episode 10: ‘Trobar Clus & the trial of Marcabru’

Episode 9: ‘Yellow Bamboo’

Episode 8: ‘Womb Apocalypse at the Sleepy Lagoon’

Episode 7: ‘Meta Muse’

Episode 6: ‘Piano Cakes’

Episode 5: ‘A Serbian Podacast’

Episode 4: ‘Pod Will Tear Us Apart’

Episode 3: ‘Intrigue In Cairo’

Episode 2: ‘Shortwave Biscuit’

Episode 1: ‘The Pilot’