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Episode 18: ‘LSD’


Episode 17: ‘About a Boy’

Choose a socially acceptable podcast if you are faint of heart… The audio chaos continues as Davian is again joined in the studio with Bonn from the Strange…

The Bitter Sound - Marooned in Monkeyland

Episode 16: ‘Marooned in Monkeyland’

In this incident filled episode, Davian is struggling with his new mixing desk, as it is not yielding the results he wants (primarly due to him self-medicating prior to…


Episode 15: ‘A Duel Of Personalities’

In this episode of the increasingly bizzare series, Davian gets a visit from himself… Apparently it’s the Davian who ‘borrowed’ the Tardis at the end of episode 12….


Episode 14: ‘Benjamin Sometimes’

In this episode of the increasingly bizzare slow-motion audio car crash, Davian employs a stunt double to do his intro, Scott Taylor from DHB Radio gets rather irate about…

The Bitter Sound - 13 - Up The Down Escalator

Episode 13: ‘Up The Down Escalator’

Davian Dent returns in this, the third and possibly last series of surreal, dark and sometimes disturbing audio cabaret that is The Bitter Sound. In this episode, Davian…

The Bitter Sound, episode 12: 'The Dark Cabaret'

Episode 12: ‘The Dark Cabaret’

In this last episode of this current series, Davian is again joined in the studio by Bonn Voyage The celebrations take a dark turn and Davian reveals his…

The Bitter Sound, episode 11: 'Doppler Shift'

Episode 11: ‘Doppler Shift’

In this installment of the aural surrealfest, Davian has a chat with Danny Blaze and Keith True from The Big & Cleverpodcast. Shamus O’Cunt makes an appearance in his…

The Bitter Sound, episode 10: 'Trobar Clus & the Trial of Marcabru'

Episode 10: ‘Trobar Clus & the trial of Marcabru’

Davian teams up with fellow Strange Times Show co-host Bonn Voyage to bring you another ambient and sometimes disturbing serving of aural ecstacy. Special guest is Alba Lewis…

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