This is a special presentation of The Bitter Sound, and features remastered and edited highlights of the first two years.
If you’ve never heard the show before, this is the ideal place to start…
Credit and thanks on this show go out to Rodti MacLeary, Matt Bubbles, Neil Brooks, Bonn Voyage, Donal Kelleher, Mistress Lisa Tayor, Setuniman, Short Sigh, Simon James, Rob Phillips, Steven Carr, Connor Dack, Stevie Walker, Benjamin Dent,, Thomas Hardy, Monica Hamburg, Jim Patience, Ed Wallick, Kat Sorens, Barry from Watford, Angelos Epithemiou, Danny Blaze, Nigel Boydell, Larissa Flynn, Gary Bromley, Thomas Moore, Scott Taylor, @themachinepod,

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