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The Bitter Sound

Episode 25: ‘The Very Best Of The Bitter Sound’

This is a special presentation of The Bitter Sound, and features remastered and edited highlights of the first two years. If you’ve never heard the show before, this…


Episode 24: ‘Tarred and Feathered’

Davian is rather preoccupied with a problem involving ducks so his room-mate Matt Bubbles hosts this show with contributions from Fenton 0800 and Short Sigh. Special guest is…


Episode 23: ‘This Is The Way, Step Inside…’

Is it a sketch show? Is it a chat show? Is it a sitcom? In this serving of aural delirium, Davian attempts to get all ‘Carlos Castaneda’ with…


Episode 22: ‘Languescent Ecstasy’

Making a welcome return to this festival of surreal, ambient and often disturbing audio is Mr David Skitt. A beautiful eulogy is delivered, courtesy of Matt Bubbles and…


Episode 21: ‘My Tramadol God’

Davian’s erstwhile manager and occasional pimp Stockton Clemens makes a surprise return in this feast of aural uncertainty. Also featuring is the first part of the multiple deaths…


Episode 20: ‘A Quintessence of Dust’

It has been said before that an infinite number of monkeys could, if given typewriters,¬†could produce the entire works of William Shakespeare if given an infinite amount of…


Episode 19: ‘The Face Of A Sick Ape’

Davian returns to bring you another slice of suicidingly uncompromising podcast horror… Food, death, excrement and ejaculate all make an appearance at some point during the show,¬†and making…


Episode 18: ‘LSD’


Episode 17: ‘About a Boy’

Choose a socially acceptable podcast if you are faint of heart… The audio chaos continues as Davian is again joined in the studio with Bonn from the Strange…

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